Our Mission


Building Development Bridges through Innovations

We are on a Global Mission. We believe in the power of Unilateral Development towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our approach to solving various cross-cutting challenges within  Humanitarian Context are not  limited to conventional states.


Improving upon past approach requires a forward-positive strategy to adopt innovative and creative strategies for inter-sectorial Human Capital Development linkages and this is about the way we make a difference in the world.

Our Projects

Initiatives in AgTech Development (Green Growth Hub)


We are transforming one day at a time the Agriculture Productivity and Food Systems Landscapes. Through our Global Partnership Framework, we work to bring the voices of Rural Farmers to the center stage of meaningful participation because we believe they have a role to play.


The AgroNovea and The Green Growth Hub for efficiency and productivity in the agriculture and food systems are two-horn strategy which we harness to promoting Suustainable Agriculture for improved livelihoods Globally.


We also believe that supporting and providing Innovation across the Food Systems is essential factor for a just, inclusive and tranparent food systems value chain.


Energy Development

We are transforming one day at a time the Energy Landscapes through our Global Partnership Frameworks which are important for addressing Global Energy Poverty and promoting just, inclusive, affordable renewable and sustinable use of clean energy.


Research and Development

The importance of Policy research are integral to the development of right solutions or approached to numerous challenges Humanity face today. No one can really profer a solution without actionable, verifiable data. Hence, The importance of Data Governance for Sustainability has become more important for decision making, planning, monitoring and Evaluation as well as execution.


Bilateral Engagements

Over the course of Development Engagements, we have been invited to High Level Discussions with Inter Governmental Organizations and bilatteral sessions with Institutions like The International Energy Agency, International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA, World Health Organization, WHO, Food and Agricultural Organization, High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security, High Level Political Forum of The UNDESA, The United Nations Development Program UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO, Office of The Secretary General's Youth Envoy, Global Commission on People Centered Energy through The SDG 7 Youth Constituency, High Level Event On Oceans with the UN Special Envoy on Oceans at COP26, High Level Dialogue on Energy among many other meaningful participatory processes.


Bothering on issues related to Human Rights and Environmental Protection, we are having a session with the United Nations Human Rights Commission UNHCR and The Special Rappoortuer on Human Rights in Switzerland Gevena Secretariat. Our engagement in these processes include the Assessment of Best Practices on the Protection of Environmental Rights Defenders, The build up to the resolution at UN HRC 48 which adopted call on the UN for The Recognition of the Rights to Sustainable and Health Environment plays a strong step toward achieving environmental sustainability as part of our objectives in pursuit of Climate Justice.